Great ideas about education from Ted Talks:

Bring on the learning revolution by Sir Ken Robinson

Schools kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson

Open source learning by Richard Baraniuk

Related ideas about social learning from RSA (very engaging format – talk with simultaneous white board drawing):

The empathic civilization by Jeremy Rifkin

The surprizing truth about motivation by Daniel Pink

Changing Education Paradigms by Ken Robinson

Web-sites from our school district:

Banff Community High School

Banff Elementary School

Elizabeth Rummel School

Lawrence Grassi Middle School

Canmore Collegiate

Exshaw School

Canadian Rockies Public Schools

Inspiring Hearts and Minds

Community Education Network

Government Web-sites:

Alberta Education

Inspiring Education (info on the work of the last 2 years by Alberta Education with stakeholders to design the future of education in Alberta)

Education Web-sites that are of interest:

Edutopia (interesting ideas about the best in education)

ASCD (focused on educational leadership)

Whole Child Education

Partnership for 21st century skills (ideas about what kids need now and in the future from schools)

Some youtube videos about QR codes that create a wonderful and flexible learning resource

The Kahn Academy has on-line resources for students in many subject areas

2 Associations that CRPS belongs to:

Public School Boards of Alberta Association (some boards in Alberta but not separate school boards)

Alberta School Boards Association (all boards of education in Alberta)

 2 OECD sites for projects that CRPS has been involved in and learning from:

Schooling for Tomorrow (project about planning for to-morrow that informed the IHM process)

Innovative Learning Environments (looking at new approaches in classrooms that are working)

Blogs about education:

George Couros does an excellent blog about education issues.  George is the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for Parkland School Division.

Stephen Murgatroyd has an interesting blog about education, Alberta, politics etc.

2Cents Worth (interesting blog from an educator)

Connected Principals (by school administrators)

Teachers thinking about learning

Cooperative Catalyst (changing education as we speak)

Teacher who see’s himself as a 21st century educator – this section has amazing resources for teachers about using video’s, blogging and other multi-media approaches to enliven his teaching practice.


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