Posted by: kbater | March 28, 2014

Performing Music again w Tinkerbell and the Tiny Green Terror

This is a concert from the Canmore Legion with Tinkerbell and the Tiny Green Terror the new band I play in.  The first song is Von Neuman’s Catastrophe, which is a song written by Gord Fisch and originally performed in 1981 by our group Cry of the Loon.  It was so fun to revive this song and add a verse.  The old version had a verse about Ronald Reagan and it was dated and dead so I replaced it with my own rant against Stephen Harper and his agenda against science.

Tinkerbell and the Tiny Green Terror features Lars Backman playing guitar and singing, Elizabeth Sorochan playing Cello and Bass, and Roger Whitney playing hand percussion on a variety of instruments and some background vocals.  I’m playing fiddle, dulcimer and bohran and doing some singing.

It’s great to return to performing.  I used to perform a lot with Cry of the Loon in Saskatchewan in the late 70’s and early 80’s and now I get to try out new songs or reinvent old songs – so much fun!


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