Posted by: kbater | November 29, 2013

Tripping to Spain 40 years later

Wow it’s been 40 years since I traveled Europe as an 18 year old. I was young, naive, excited and scared then, and I’m excited, nervous,older and slightly wiser now. I wonder what will be similar and different?

Last time I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, got lost in the metro system in Madrid,and couldn’t believe Franco’s storm troopers with machine guns and silly hats. It was a real Eye-opener for a small town Sask boy to spend three months hitchhiking across Spain and 7 other countries.

This time I am going to an OECD Innovative Learning Environment conference for 3 days and then will spend 3 weeks traveling around Spain and maybe Southern France with my 20 year-old daughter Hana Kujawa.

In between these trips I have attended OECD events in France, Finland, and Norway with other personal adventures in between, but this feels like a long adventure.

One thing that is already similar is my light weight travel bags.


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