Posted by: kbater | June 18, 2013

ASBA President Jacquie Hansen’s clear message to Alberta Government

At the ASBA spring meetings June 2-4th in Red Deer outgoing president Jacquie Hansen addressed the membership (62 school boards across
Alberta) about the process leading to an agreement with the ATA and the provincial government.  Jacquie stated strongly that the Gov’t had been disrespectful in not including ASBA in the final steps as the provincial gov’t concluded an agreement with the ATA.


This headline the next day I think sums it up well.  Be mad, state your truth and then move on.  I think ASBA is well on the way to doing that as I hear Jacquie and the ASBA board of directors looking ahead to the future of education in Alberta.  Minister Johnson spoke later that day and he accepted the criticism and said he was willing to move past it and work together with the ASBA and ATA to realize the goals of Inspiring Education.

The Minister has many balls to juggle these days.  Funding cuts have school boards scrambling to adjust instead of focusing all of their attention on the Inspiring Education goals.  What will this mean for the upcoming election in October as we hope to attract new trustees to the table?


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