Posted by: kbater | November 8, 2012

Interdependence – let it ripple!

This is an interesting project that features mobile films for global change.  This short clip gives us a taste of the yearning people have to work together to build a future.

In the various kinds of work I do with organizations and individuals I see that everyone is coming upon the same realization.  The challenges we face are too complex for individuals and even individual organizations or governments to tackle alone.  Collaboration, partnerships, local networks, communities, global networks, need to be the new way of approaching our building of the future.  The answer to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities is yes and the way is together.

School Boards are doing this in Alberta now – embarking on new partnerships and collaborations to address the challenge of transforming education.  In CRPSwe have been tackling this through our Community Education Network (CEN).  Last year this group helped us hire a new superintendent  played a strong role in the development of our three-year calendar.  This process had rigorous and vigorous public involvement through surveys, school council and staff meeting input sessions, option viewing at a public board meeting and final selection of an option that had wide-spread support.  It all was guided by the key question – “what are you ideas about a calendar best supports learning?”

An informed and committed public creates broad support for taking education in the 21st Century. 

In the world of Community Foundations that I consult with an exciting new direction has emerged through Governor General David Johnston’s idea of a smart and caring nation.  He wants Community Foundations across the country to work with their communities to create initiatives that help us build connection and interdependence.  As patron of Community Foundations of Canada he understands that the way to achieve this vision is …together.

I have also been watching as a group of facilitators and inter-disciplinary community activists in Montreal work on a concept they call thrivability.  They have hosted a think tank and are developing the concept.  Stay tuned.

What have you noticed?  Who else is focused on these ideas?  Who should be networking so we can let it ripple!


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