Posted by: kbater | July 14, 2012

Tiny Beautiful Things

I just finished reading an amazing book – Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.  It is a collection of exchanges between her and people writing into her as an advice columnist.  It could be blasé and yet it isn’t. Cheryl somehow transcends this typically superficial literary form and magically transforms it into a brutally honest and hauntingly beautiful window into people’s pain and joy and the possibilities of being fully human.  I cried and laughed and fist pumped as Cheryl held the space for people to reveal themselves and then honoured their honesty with compassion, empathy, and some startling useful insight and advice.  She pulls no punches and can sometimes nail people with their own words that highlight what they really want but somehow can’t yet see.

I immediately gave it to my nineteen year old daughter to read as it has so many life lessons and wisdom to support learning and growth.

Cheryl uses the name of Dear Sugar for the column which appears on-line and I’ve bookmarked it so I can find more to feed my desire for deep human understanding.

Cheryl Strayed


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