Posted by: kbater | July 8, 2012

Q – How do you create a vibrant future? A – Together!

Administrators and parents sharing ideas









At the June 20th Community Education Network (CEN) meeting – school council members, teachers, administrators, trustees, and our new Superintendent Chris MacPhee worked together to look at how to assist Canadian Rockies Public School (CRPS) in being nimble, responsive, and innovative as we tackle the challenges of small schools(6 small schools) in a small division (with less than 2000 students) with diminishing financial resources.  The challenge sounds large and it is.  The opportunity however is just as big and the 22 people who attended this CEN meeting tackled the issues with vigor and enthusiasm and the initial ideas that were brainstormed along with a top 3 from each group are now posted on the CRPS web-site. 

This fall there will be a few (2-3) more sessions in the fall to help us refine our thinking and develop an approach that has CRPS in charge of its future, moving towards being vibrant and adaptable, and focused on students and learning.  This is an extension or the next steps in the Inspiring Hearts and Minds work that we began 5 years ago.  The work of the CEN is a new approach to governance (we call it generative governance or community governance) and you can refer to a previous post of mine to understand more about generative governance.

New CRPS Superintendent Chris MacPhee a passionate voice for innovation in education


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