Posted by: kbater | June 5, 2012

Principal of Change gives us a slap on the head

social media is easy

George Couros wowed the Alberta School Board Association last night with his passion and skill for using social media in his division (Parkland School Division 70) to build connection to create collaborative learning.  He stated many times it’s not about technology – it’s about relationships!

Examples are their 184 days of learning blog where students, teachers, and other staff takes turns talking about learning and their many blogs on their division web-site led by their Superintendent Tim Monds.

He really helped people see that either we get with it and understand youth and what’s important to them in learning or schools will become irrelevant – which would be a loss as a means to help shape the future.

A great line he used was about him as a teenager and his mom giving him a slap on the head as he was yet again talking on the phone with his friends and saying “go out and see your friends”.

How often do we make this same mistake now?  What are we missing and not understanding about how kids connect now?  How can we take this understanding and put it to use to enhance kids passion for learning?

At lunch yesterday Stephen Carter (campaign manager for Alison Redford and Naheed Nenshi) spoke about creating your Myth – using personality, ideas, and story.  George showed us how you do that in a substantial way by really bringing alive learning for students and then showing it to the world – being open about the learning and sharing it.  Very inspiring, thanks George!



  1. Thanks for your comments on last night! I am hoping that people take away the importance about learning together. Our kids totally get it and they feel like we don’t. It is so easy to connect with them now. We just have to be open to doing it!

    Thanks again 🙂

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