Posted by: kbater | May 17, 2012

Banff Shine – Nominate Now!

Banff has so many people who bring life to the community by organizing events, shoveling snow for seniors, teaching a great cooking class, bringing music to students, and the list goes on endlessly.  This includes people who do community work for a living, volunteers, and people who just get it that community matters.  These people  make Banff a more connected and vibrant community.

This project isn’t just about the ‘super-volunteer’ – although they are certainly eligible for nomination. This initiative will recognize the service worker who brings their A-game to work every single day. It’s for the student or senior who radiates charm, for the person who just arrived in Banff and is already leaving big fingerprints because of his/her personal integrity.  Let’s recognize these people and the importance of building a rich community life. 

Banff Shine will be acknowledging these fine folks in October (mark your calendars for Oct. 2nd and come back to this site for details) so now we need you to do your job.

Who could you nominate?  Who is out there doing this work of building community?  Who should we take a moment and recognize so we give the message – “This is important – Thanks for Giving!” 

Banff Shine is taking nominations until the deadline of June 8th.


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