Posted by: kbater | May 2, 2012

Jane’s Walk in Banff and Banff Shine – 2 community connection events

May 1st – May day- wikopedia says – “it has traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations”.  Two events in Banff brought this definition to life. Jane’s Walk saw 20 people gather at Rundle Memorial United Church and carried on the tradition inspired by Jane Jacobs of walking through our neighbourhoods, sharing stories of people, places and events.  There were many comments about how much people appreciate the power of connection and how neighbourhoods and walking promote that.

Mayor Sorenson listening to a story










We ended our walk at the Banff Shine event where the idea of recognizing those who build a rich community life was launched.  Banff Shine is now taking nominations so that we can honour and thank those who make a difference in our community.  Banff has many recognition events for athletes, artists, mountaineers, etc and now we will have an event that celebrates those that build community spirit through community service.  “Thanks for Giving!”

Kat Topolniski inspiring us to Shine!









Lorraine Widmer-Carson (the Executive Director of the Banff Community Foundation) spoke passionately about Governor General David Johnston’s vision for Canada as a smart and caring nation and how Banff Shine is a way to support this goal.  A key focus of Banff Shine is to spotlight  community service and help us to celebrate the power of community building.

Sharon Oakley and Mona Seguin celebrating at Shine 2012












Who is the person on the front lines improving your neighbourhood, starting a movement, making a difference, making you smile and, all in all, creating an even better life in Banff for us all?

Ask yourself, who do I know who?

  • Motivates, inspires and creates opportunities
  • Does wonderful things on a daily basis
  • Always does their best, whatever they do, with grace and humility
  • Brings people together to rally around an idea and make it a reality
  • Finds new and improved ways of getting things done
  • Has unlimited kindness and empathy for their neighbour
  • Makes connections and constantly knows who to get involved

Got someone in mind that you’d like to nominate? Submit a nomination.

 Mark your calendars for October 2nd when the “Shiners” will be announced!


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