Posted by: kbater | April 5, 2012

R & R in Cuba

The view out our hotel window

After many weeks of hard work hiring a new Superintendent and finalizing the 3 year school calendar it was great to go and spend a week in Cuba at Cayo Santa Maria at the Memories Azul resort.  Warm (28-33 degrees) during the day, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water and some really good snorkeling (we saw an octopus, 6 squid, and lots of fish and some interesting coral) and lots of relaxation adds us to a good re-charge for a tired mind, body and spirit.  One week full of long uninterrupted visits with life-long friends Garth Harrison and Pam Hanna was a gift to savour.  There were dance and music shows every night and the best was a flamingo dance by the National Ballet of Cuba accompanied by amazing musicians playing wild  complex rhythms.  I needed to check-out and check-in and this holiday gave me that and more!

Pam and Garth on the Beach at Cayo Santa Maria

Spring in Cuba



  1. Sounds marvellous. Ahhh…the contrasts!

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