Posted by: kbater | March 22, 2012

New Superintendent for Canadian Rockies Public Schools

 I’d  like to introduce Chris MacPhee as the new superintendent for Canadian Rockies Public Schools. Here is the press release issued by CRPS.

Chris brings a very broad experience to his new role as Superintendent for CRPS.  He has worked in the North as a teacher, in the East as an educational psychologist, and in the West as a district principal, deputy superintendent, and acting Superintendent inAlberta withWildRosePublic Schools. 
During the hiring process which included school visits, informal conversation with the Trustees and a formal interview process, Chris demonstrated a strong knowledge of the CRPS approach to governance and whole child education and an understanding of the challenges we are experiencing with funding and declining enrolment. Chris had done his homework on our vision, history, and current situation.  Chris told the Board that his first job is to visit schools and communities to get to know the staff, the students, school councils and the culture of how we approach our work in CRPS. 
Chris has a big set of shoes to fill as Brian Callaghan has been a big presence in the communities of our district as well as our educational leader for 22 years.  The Board will be focused on working with Chris to support him in learning about CRPS and taking the first steps of charting our future together.  Fortunately Brian will also be a key piece of this process as he will be working with Chris in June.
Chris will be starting with CRPS on June 1st he will attend a number of events at the schools.  We encourage you to engage with Chris and be a part of his orientation to our schools and the district. 
 I am excited about the next steps in our evolution as a school district and we welcome Chris as a key influencer in that process.  Welcome to the Bow Valley Chris!

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