Posted by: kbater | February 17, 2012

Calendars, Calendars on the wall, which one makes most sense of all

For 9 months, ideas around the best Calendar for Canadian Rockies Public Schools have been gestating.  On Feb. 29th, 7pm at the Canmore Collegiate Theatre those ideas will transform into options to view and discuss.  Four options will be presented and there will be an opportunity for people to talk to principals, the superintendent and others to find out how each option addresses the criteria established by the Board in October of 2011.

Focus on learning

Starting in May of last school year, people were informed that CRPS would be examining the calendar and making decisions in this school year about the calendar for the next three-year cycle.  Parents, students, teachers, staff, community agencies and community members had a number of input options based on a process outlined by the Board.  The input collected can be viewed on the CRPS web-site.  The question asked for each of these input steps was: “What are your ideas for a calendar that best supports learning?”

Key issues that surfaced where: Term start times (i.e. post labour-day), Mid-term breaks (Nov/Feb), Professional Development options, and consistency/predictability

On Feb. 29th each option will be presented and will be examined in how they address these four key issues and the criteria established.  The purpose of this meeting is to examine the options and exchange ideas about how the options meet the criteria and address the key issues.  No decision will be made at the Feb. 29th meeting.  The options will be posted on the CRPS web-site after the Feb. 29th meeting and comments can be forwarded regarding the options until March 6th at 4pm.  Comments can be forward to

Here is a video of Brian Callaghan making a presentation that explains each of the four options presented on Feb. 29th. You can view the options on the CRPS web-site.

CRPS Calendar Presentation from Canadian Rockies Public Schools on Vimeo.

A decision on the Calendar will be made at the CRPS public board meeting on Tuesday March 20th at 7pm in Banff at the Banff Elementary School Library.

Child-Care will be available at CCHS for the Feb. 29th meeting for those that need it, please contact Sue Collyer at if you are interested in child care for that evening.



  1. Great informative post, Kim. Your leadership continues to inspire us all. Thank you for keeping us focused on the work and the priorities.

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