Posted by: kbater | September 4, 2011

Where Good Ideas Come From

This is another great (and short at 4 minutes) RSA animated talk. Steve Johnson has researched where good ideas come from. He points us to connectivity – the connected mind – allowing hunches that have been percolating to connect with other hunches from other people to create a breakthrough. This reminds me of a phrase I heard from Jim Gibbons of the Alberta School Boards Association talking about generative governance – a style that increases connection and input for more thoughtful and broad decision-making. Jim says that breakthroughs often come from breakwiths – traditions and practices that once served but no longer do so that pattern needs to be broken.

As Canadian Rockies Public Schools continues with the work of Inspiring Hearts and Minds and the Community Education Network I wonder which hunches need to be connected for breakthroughs to happen? Or which individuals or groups of people need to be more connected to further innovation, growth and learning?

hunches forming - it's messy!


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