Posted by: kbater | August 11, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation!

Gent and Lyndsay Harrison's magical wedding

It has been a busy, fun, and emotional summer.  My daughter graduated from high school, I went to a good friends son’s wedding, relaxed on my new back yard patio  and managed to fit in some great hikes in the Rockies.

My long time friend Garth Harrison came back to Banff after the wedding and then after an easy 1st hike up Stoney Squaw we did Ha Ling and then Heart Mountain – two great peaks that require lots of grunting but also a great reward with the views from the peak.

After a day off to rest and relax while listening to David Lindley (Watch the You Tube video at the bottom – he is amazing) and others at the Canmore Folk Festival we moved on to hike Jura Creek (3 miles east of Exshaw) – it is a wonderful tight canyon which provides a great challenge to stay dry when the water is high as it was.  The last day we hiked Stanley Glacier in Kootenay Park and went up above the waterfalls for great views of the valley.

Garth on Ha Ling

Moss, Rocks and Water at Stanley Glacier

Garth on Heart Mountain trail

Patio Swing - meditation centre


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