Posted by: kbater | July 21, 2011

Walking in Banff National Park with Colin Funk

Sunset Pass

80% chance of rain should we go?

Early morning phone call from Colin Funk saying the forecast is dismal, what do I think we should do?  I almost wimp out as I’m not feeling great but want the time to visit with Colin so I suggest we scout out a hike we’ve been thinking about.  When we get to that trail head we chance upon a friend who says the bridge is washed out.  Now it’s really looking like rain. Colin looks north along the Banff/Jasper Highway and says the only sun is up past Saskatchewan River Crossing at Sunset Pass, let’s go there.

Three hours up, hard push at first with many switchbacks and then into the open meadow at Norman Lake and through overgrown willows to Sunset Pass.  Stunning views of the Cline Valley and Pinto Lake and an amazing panorama of mountains, many with small glaciers clinging to their peaks.

So we didn’t have a drop of rain in our 6 hours of hiking.  It only rained as we drove there and on the way home.  Colin and I figured out that this 80% chance of rain is so deceptive.  Any amount of rain anytime in the day and the forecast of 80% chance of rain is correct.   This is so like life is so many ways.  Don’t let forecasts stop you!



Lunch at Norman Lake Campground


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