Posted by: kbater | July 7, 2011

High School Grad – an important marker on life’s journey

It was so moving to be at the Banff Community High School Graduation on June 29th at the Banff Springs Hotel.  50+ grads all decked out, looking beautiful, full of life and very happy to have completed this part of their life journey.

What does grad mean?  The end of school? The start of something new?

My daughter Hana was a grad this year.  17 years old and so happy to be finished school and so excited to open the door to what’s next.  Work, travel, art school – a different life than she is used to.

For me it is also a huge transition.  I have built my life around the routines we have created, morning foot massages as a wake-up ritual, eating and then racing out the door to get to school on time, sleep-ins on weekends to catch up on sleep deprivation, skiing, hiking, hockey, music and many other activities together.  Now I have to rebuild my life and create new routines – it is exciting and there is sadness at the same time.

Hana and I are both on a journey of discovery now but at very different stages of life – good luck to both of us!




  1. What a remarkable young woman. You and Mandi must be sooooooo proud. Thank you for sharing so many memories. Thank you for sharing your parenting wisdome and educational perspectives. We are a stronger family and community because of you, Hana and Mandi. With much love.
    N, B & R

  2. […] has been a busy, fun, and emotional summer.  My daughter graduated from high school, I went to a good friends son’s wedding, relaxed on my new back yard patio […]

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