Posted by: kbater | June 24, 2011

Inspiring Education – Teachers in action

The Canadian Rockies Public Schools public meeting on Wednesday June 22nd had three  presentations demonstrating the power of passion, skill and knowledge in creating dynamic learning.

Up first were Barb Dobson, Warren Lake, and Ken Symington talking about the UNESCO – ASPnet Schools initiative.  These three teachers along with many of their colleagues have worked for two years enriching learning at Canmore Collegiate and realizing the goals of the CRPS Inspiring Hearts and Minds initiative in addressing Whole Child Education.  This UNESCO project has the purpose of working in support of international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education in practice.

Next were Darren Dick, Chris Rogers, and Ken Symington who highlighted the key learnings from the One to One Student Owned Laptop Initiative.  Chris was very eloquent in illustrating the need to engage with students in their own mode of learning and living with technology or we risk losing them from the school environment as they choose to find other ways to get an education.  Again lots of passion from these three teachers and they provided some strong signals as to what we need to do to make school relevant and engaging for students.

The last presentation was from Sandra Becker from Elizabeth Rummel school and she explained how they are transforming the ERS library into a Learning Commons.  Libraries can still be a gathering place for information and knowledge but the shift is to create a more active approach with teachers and librarians working as facilitators and students being researchers, explorers, and taking a very active approach to learning.  The video they produced really tells the story!


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