Posted by: kbater | May 5, 2011

Life and Death and the last post

I had to share this post from Derek K. Miller.  It is his last post as he died on May 3rd from colorectal cancer.  It had me sobbing and committing to living and loving well.  It is an amazing piece about death and living your life – a must read!



  1. Being Kim Bater’s dad I find this posting even more intriguing.I found all the posting I read (many)fascinating.This unknown man who ,wiyh his loving wife,children & very close friends faced leaving this life and dying with wonderful fortitude..I am 77,have precancer in my prostate gland but living a p0retty good life ,with pretty good health..I am a man with some faith and I wasw intrigued by Derek describing what that last part of his life was like in so many aspects.When he died ,as he says,that is the end of THIS life,his physical life.However,I find myself wondering about many things, especially since reading many books about those who died 4 or 5 mins of clinical death in a hospital,and later came back to life and almost everyone talks about their spiritual experiences and meeting former loved ones..The last thing I want to do is trivialize his dying and cause difficulty in any wayfor his wife and family…I find myself wondering if they have any kind of connection experiences in the future…..Don Bater.

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