Posted by: kbater | February 13, 2011

Youth Make Change

SCIC Global Citizen Awards 2011

I went to an amazing event Feb. 12th in Regina.  The Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation gave out global citizen awards.  Arnold and Bertha Epp (Arnold on the far left and Bertha on the far right) won one of the awards and Catherine Verrall (2nd from the left end) won the other for Regina and area.  Catherine made an impassioned speech for change – for us to see what needs to happen for people, eco-systems, and the planet. She is in her eighties and rides a bike everywhere in the summer and in the winter only uses public transit and has for many years.  She said that while she is determined to continue to work for change, that it is the youth who make change happen.  At the dinner I ran into Catherine’s daughter who I have known for years – she was very proud of her mother.   There were 8 youth awards for projects (Saskatchewan Youth Making a Difference) and you can see all of the videos of their projects on the SCIC web-site (just click on the names and you can see any of the 8 videos- the video below is one example).


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