Posted by: kbater | February 4, 2011

Humanity 4.0 – What could it look like?

This is a very provocative slide essay on human development – life on the planet – and we as humans trying to examine where we are going and what might help us get there? It draws from science, philosophy, and developmental psychology.

The suggestion is that we need to start the conversation now in 2011 about moving from a divergent  to an integrating perspective and approach.  The Banff Ideas Bank is taking a look at this and will work at creating some community dialogue around this idea.  In the meantime:

  1. What do you think? 
  2. Does an integrative approach make sense? 
  3. What would we have to do to move in this direction? 
  4. What are some 1st steps?


Your comments are welcome!



  1. Hi Kim,

    Slideshare let me know there was interesting activity going on here. This is wonderful! Let me know if I can help. Also, it would be valuable to document and share your experience so other communities can learn from it. Would you like to have a conversation of our own about this? 🙂

    Warm wishes,

    • Michelle – would love to talk with you about this – e-mail, phone, or skype, which works best for you?

      • Hi Kim,

        Sorry for the delayed response — just noticed that you had responded. Skype is perfect. I’m in Montreal. Thursday early afternoon (EST) would work for me, as well as Friday same time frame. Or next week is relatively open except Friday. I’m mholliday on Skype.

        Looking forward to it!

  2. I’m vibrating – the slideshow was an inspiration – I would love to be part of this conversation….

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