Posted by: kbater | January 6, 2011

Building Community – The Banff Community Foundation

Today I attended the Banff Community Foundations grants announcement event.  Wow!  19 grants to community organizations totally almost $55,000.  There were grants to the Banff Child Care Centre focused on literacy, school kids for food programs for students who don’t always have lunches, a science fair for school students (see picture below – scientists in training), high school students who are putting wind turbines on Banff High School, Meals on Wheels for seniors and the Banff Ideas Bank – a new organization that engages Banff citizen, our neighbours and sometimes visitors in generating ideas that Town Council, service groups, community agencies and businesses can then develop.

I remember back to 1999 as Bryan Gerrie, Carsten Sorensen, Janet Connors-McCartney, Colin Funk, Rockland Helpin and myself formed a steering committee to develop a Community Foundation as Millennium project.  Well just over a decade later the Banff Community Foundation has granted over $300,000 back to the community (the report to the community highlights this years work).  Take a look at this year’s grant announcement and visit their web-site for other information about applying for grants, becoming a donor, or  a board member.  Building Community and supporting community ideas and initiatives is so important, hats off to Lorraine Widmer-Carson the Executive Director and the board and staff for their great work.

Scientists in Training

I work as a Regional Consultant for Community Foundations of Canada.  I provide services to Community Foundations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the NWT.  It is a great pleasure to support my home team the Banff Community Foundation.


  1. Must be so gratifying to see this come to fruition. Such benefits to the community. Wonderful!

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