Posted by: kbater | December 19, 2010

The Magic of Community – Theatre creating presence

 Thanks to the Banff Centre for this wonderful theatre and the help of your staff!

It was so great to be at the Banff Community Christmas Concert on Wednesday December 15th and watch kids and adults from the schools and community on stage at the Eric Harvie theatre at the Banff Centre.

Great work by Mr. N the Banff Community High School band/music teacher with the drum line, high school choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Junior concert band.

Mandi’s choirs were amazing and Sadie Freeman did a great job filling in for Nan Hughes in leading the caroling along with Mandi.

The MC’s who were from grade 10-12 did a great job of hosting the evening and keeping the show flowing and fun.

It was also great to see the gymnastics club, the Suzuki Violins, the Terpsicore dancers and many others perform. The Teachers from Banff Elementary School dancing to music from the 60’s to the present was so great, I loved hearing kids and their parents cheering them on.

Mary Hofstetter, President and CEO of the Banff Centre gave a warm welcome and remarked at how lucky our students are to work with a professional staff to put on this show.  She’s right and it has an impact.  Many of our students are going on to perform in theatre, music and film and the x-mas concert is a key training opportunity for them.

Precipice Theatre creates magic!

I noticed a number of key performers at the concert who in the past have been shy and didn’t know how to be a presence either on stage or in other situations.  It occurred to me that for most of them Precipice Theatre through their programs in the schools and community have done an amazing job in helping them develop the skills, self-confidence and social connections to be able to perform on stage and in life.  It is a magical transformation that I have seen in some kids.  My daughter Hana (photo above is her after doing a dance piece that she had to improv at the last second when another student got lost back stage) got to play music for the Precipice production of Little Prince in 2009.  It really accelerated her ability to compose music and herself.

Precipice has a number of classes going on this winter for youth and adults.  I’ve done a couple of these classes and they have really helped me manage myself in tense meetings, when presenting to the Minister of Education or to our staff at special events. Check out the schedule and think about signing up!

Precipice Theatre’s Little Prince – Kayla Feragen and Sadie Freeman


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