Posted by: kbater | November 23, 2010

Minister Hancock says…

Education Minister Dave Hancock at the Alberta School Board Association Nov. 23rd said:

Working together – collaborating and creating partnerships is essential for future success.

Our job is for every student to succeed to be the best they can be.

Trustees need to lead the discussion about the value of education.  MLA’s here today also will carry the discussion to communities and to the legislature.

This is an exciting time for learning – Inspiring Education, Inspiring Action, Setting the Direction, Speak Out have created an unprecedented discussion about education.  We have taken a 20 year perspective on what that will look like.  We need to use the input from Albertan’s to address the how and what of how young Albertans will learn.

Now we will ACT!

We need to develop an innovation economy.  Innovation and creativity are keys to future success.  OECD (organization for economic cooperation and development) identifies trends in education and the economy and innovation is at the top of the list.

It is not about spending more money.  This upcoming year will be a tight year for budgets as the economy is still struggling. 

Minister Hancock identified three pillars:

1) Excellence in teaching – recruit the best, ensure they receive excellent teacher training at university – then support them well once working as teachers

2) Curriculum – it is the foundation and numeracy and literacy are key

3) Community Engagement – we need to ensure that community understands the key role of education and how education has changed and continues to change

Inspiring Education and Inspiring Action is about an informed transformation.  A relentless focus on teaching, curriculum and engagement. 

We need to make learning real world and relevant for students.

Ask – How will your board engage with municipalities, recreation, library, non-for profit agencies etc.?

Community Governance brings in voices from across the community.  We have to look at how we make decisions.

Role of trustees is crucial.  Trustees need to connect with community to put education at the highest value.

New Education Act is important but we have to also transform practice.  Wrap-around services is an obvious area to move on.

ASBA role is to educate and inform boards about community engagement and changing practices.

Our work must change we need to focus on collaboration and partnerships.

We must change for the sake of our students, education, economy, and society.

(Full speech available through ASBA link.)


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