Posted by: kbater | November 22, 2010

Amazing New Teachers

 6 Amazing Alberta teachers wowed 460 trustees as they gave their acceptance speeches for Edwin Parr 1st year teacher awards at the Alberta School Boards Association Fall General Meeting.

They told us stories about their students and what a difference the students have made in their lives.  They spoke about kids not their subjects.

Three of the stories:

Kaylen Chisholm – Talked about her student Max who has taught her what engaged inclusion should look like.

Andrea Harrison talked about inner City poverty in Edmonton.   She identified that these kids want to succeed. She sees her role as serving their learning needs and being a strong, stable and inspiring force in their lives.

Jocelyn Pennock is a vibrant mom with 3 kids and our Superintendent leaned to me and said – this is a future principal.

Minister Hancock gave a short address and aptly said that if this is our future in teaching then our future in learning is secure and exciting.

Wow in the classroom


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