Posted by: kbater | November 17, 2010

Citizenship, Stewardship, and Leadership

Interesting talk by Ken Chapman last night at the Banff Centre.  His topic was Citizenship, Stewardship, and Leadership.  A few things standout for me:

  • We need to re-boot – to get citizens more engaged to create a democracy that is vibrant and really reflects values
  • ctrl / alt / delete  – this set of instructions that re-boots a computer tells us a lot of what needs to happen
  • ctrl – we need to take control of democracy – get engaged – stop snipping at politicians and get talking with them
  • alt – we need to look at alternatives – how to engage with people, how to build a post-hydrocarbon economy and energy system, etc.
  • delete – we have to stop doing things that don’t work – focusing on GDP as a measure of success, stop using a 19/20th century approach in education when we know what 21st century education could/should look like
  • The oilsands rescource belongs to the citizens of Alberta, the oil companies are our tenants, we need to get a proper return (rental fee) from them
  • Other countries get way (and I mean way) more for their oil resource than we do – we can and should change this
  • We can invest the money we get from oil to build a sustainable future for Alberta, for our children, grandchildren etc.
  • We are rich and we need to do something of value with our wealth
  • There are clear values that Albertans have identified that are important to them – politicians take heed

A great question came from the audience about our voting  in Canada and the problems we have with the first past the post system, here is an article about this challenge.

I’d recommend viewing Ken’s blog to see some of his ideas, he is real thinker!  Full disclosure – Ken has worked for the school district assisting us with our work with Inspiring Hearts and Minds.

The Thinker



  1. I agree! I recently attended a conference on sustainability here in Calgary featuring Peter Senge and Margaret Wheatley who inspired participants to get engaged, step up to the responsibilty of being a citizen which is not a passive role. A number of action groups are forming following this event which are open to participation of all. Check out the website of Spiritual Directions who hosted the conference for more information.

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