Posted by: kbater | November 1, 2010

The power and weight of being a teacher!

“..I believe effective educators must be creative thinkers with an ability to inspire and empower all learners. They must be compassionate, understanding and unwilling to give up on a child. They must be explicit and systematic, yet generously flexible, in their instruction. They must be knowledgeable of subject matter as well as the technologies of the day’s prevailing information landscape. They must be observant of student behavior to identify what each student does and does not understand, and how they can apply what they understand. They must be able to read and understand test data and read the faces of their learners. In short, teaching is a very difficult job and requires many characteristics to meet the needs of diversified learners. Teachers are also among the most powerful people on the planet. “

Yes and what a challenge and responsibility we hand off to teachers without thinking about what it really entails.  I have watched teachers, and early childhood educators, and facilitators of adult learning work in the way described above and it is both magical and very technical.  My hope is that through the CRPS Inspiring Hearts and Minds process and in our every step we support teachers in doing this, in learning to do this, and in sharing the load with administrators, the board, community members and parents, and the Minister of Education and his staff. 

Minister Hancock recently pledged that he won’t consider the education system successful until every student says: “I am doing well in school & I love being there.”  This is a tall order and yet it makes sense that this should be our big goal to work towards. I’m glad we have a Minister of Education who is willing to work with us to create this in our schools for our students.

The quote at the top of this post comes from an interesting blog by David Warlick.Another great piece from his blog is “10 ways to promote a learning culture in your School”David also has another piece “Are they students or are they learners?”, which raises some interesting questions about how we view students and teachers.  In discussion with Paula Hanson our Inspiring Hearts and Minds director it occurred to me that a key piece is how assessment plays into this and that the CRPS Assessment for Learning Process is helping us see both students and teachers as learners and this shifts the learning process considerably.

An interesting thing to consider is the issue of motivation.  Daniel Pink has a great talk on this through Youtube that includes a white board illustration process that animates his talk.  It gives some clues as to how School Boards and administration should work with teachers and staff and maybe about what students need to be motivated.  I highly recommend it.

April Post checking out the students at LGMS


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