Posted by: kbater | October 18, 2010

Important resource for Suicide Prevention

Great project with the Town of Banff, a number of social agenices, Canadian Rockies Public Schools and singer/songwriter and storyteller Mandi Kujawa.

Mandi tells a moving story of her friend who died by suicide that prompted her to get people talking about the issues of suicide, depression and seeking help and support.  It has been offered to grade 10 students in the Bow Valley using a well thought out process of presenting the story followed by a guided discussion with mental health professionals faciltating. 

Maybe it should be available for all schools and be a part of teacher PD to really increase awareness and create a web of support.  I must confess some bias here as Mandi is my wife and I have watched her develop this project with much thought, care, research and community support.

Mandi has created a YouTube video that is really worth viewing.  (Thanks to Hana Kujawa for her work on the video.)


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