Posted by: kbater | September 24, 2010

Elections, democracry, fear and hope

Rick Salutin – Globe and Mail writer talking about the Toronto Mayoral campaign and his perception of current Mayor Miller who campaigned and has spoken frequently about hope as compared to Mayoral candidate Rob Ford who focuses on fear and trying to return to the past.

Excerpt:“It’s as if the fight went out of him once his personal hope – being mayor – was achieved. But for most people, winning an election changes nothing; that’s when the fight should intensify. Something similar seemed to happen to Barack Obama when he became president, as if his hope was the same as his voters’.

This is partly due to our political system: We get to vote occasionally for leaders, then leave it all in their hands, leading to excessive reliance on “them,” and turning on them when things don’t gel. A political culture of blame and rage is the upshot, rather than shared responsibility and the will to keep going. What could change that? Something more ongoingly, truly democratic, perhaps.”

What might that look like – something more ongoing and truly democratic? Read my post “A facelift for democracy” about governance and a team approach that includes community.

The whole article by Rick Salutin is really worth reading.


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