Update – It’s October of 2018 and I am now focused on continued self-development work along with being a consultant/facilitator in the Columbia Basin Trust – Non Profit Advisor’s program.  I work with local and regional not for profits doing strategic planning, staff and leader development.  I am also continuing to working with the Banff Centre and other clients in the coaching and leadership development field. The picture on the left is from last year when I worked with Dr. Brian Woodward in the Building Personal leadership program at the Banff Centre.  I was the coach in residence and also did some creativity sessions in the program and had my own table assigned in the dining room for one to one coaching sessions during the week.

The quote on the header is from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.  I see this play out often in my work and personal life.  I discovered it while walking on a break from a Connecting to Community conference with Peter Block, John Mcknight a few other mentors.

My Bio has info about my work and community experience.

You can read my blog page to find out about what is important to me with regards to our schools and education in general.  I have also created a resources page with web-sites and other good information sources.  I was a School Board Trustee from 2001 to August of 2015 and I am very interested in leadership, learning and community.

My blog tab will have regular updates about education, learning, democracy, leadership, and community – please reply with comments and let’s talk!

My daughter Hana and I at her convocation from Emily Carr University – May 2017

Here are a few pictures of me in earlier days as a performer:

Kim as Millennium Man - 2000

Kim as Millennium Man – 2000