News Flash – I resigned my job as Executive Director of the Kalein Hospice Centre – April 11th.  I  just wrote a new blog post about the last few months – Adventures in Paradises – check it out.  I intend to write on this blog space every few weeks and focus on Community, Learning, Leadership and Democracy – I’ll see where that takes me – poke or nudge me if you have a question or idea that I can build off of with you.

The quote on the header is from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.  I see this play out often in my work and personal life.  I discovered it while walking on a break from a Connecting to Community conference with Peter Block, John Mcknight a few other mentors.

My Bio has info about my work and community experience.

You can read my blog page to find out about what is important to me with regards to our schools and education in general.  I have also created a resources page with web-sites and other good information sources.  I was a School Board Trustee from 2001 to August of 2015 and I am very interested in leadership, learning and community.

My blog tab will have regular updates about education, learning, democracy, leadership, and community – please reply with comments and let’s talk!

At the Kalein Centre

At the Kalein Centre

Finding a new balance

Finding a new balance


Here are a few pictures of me in earlier days as a performer:

Kim as Millennium Man - 2000

Kim as Millennium Man – 2000